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Hydraulic listogiby: description, application, benefits and prospects

November 2nd, 2011 by admin

Hydraulic machines are listogiby on which the method of cold rolled metal attached to the desired shape.

The principle of the hydraulic press is the same with other metallogibochnym equipment. At the heart of his two joists, with which there is a time and

Bending sheet metal. Bending angle can be set independently.

The principle of the hydraulic pressure listogiba based on hydraulic fluid, which serves as a source of energy. Deformation of metal to

Desired shape is done by punching punch him in the matrix.

The characteristics of the hydraulic listogiba

Various modifications of the specialized equipment, which include hydraulic listogib have different characteristics, from

Which depends on its industrial purpose.

For example, commercially available tools that allow to work with very thick metal-sheets – up to 6.5 mm. These models the hydraulic

Listogib help produce metal furniture, safes and fireproof cabinets, boxes for electrical equipment.

Using the hydraulic press, based on appropriate where there are no complicated settings and do not need to produce a permanent replacement for a working tool,

Ie for mass production of identical parts. This yields products of high quality and precision. This type of equipment as

Effective for bending metal over the entire length of the desktop.

Listogib typical hydraulic cylinders precise synchronous operation, which ensures high productivity and quality are flexible. Scope

Application of hydraulic listogibov.

Listogib machine finds its application in all industries and construction, where sheet metal is used. They help produce

Different profiles for roofing, interior and exterior finishing materials, advertising signs, dobornye and tidal components, air

Rectangular cross section.

Advantages of hydraulic listogibov

Listogib machine has the following advantages:


The combination of small size with high power.

Power consumption.

The width of the performance.


The accuracy and speed.

Should I buy today listogib hydraulic?

Amid growing computerization sometimes it seems that listogib with hydraulic disappearing. However, to complete computer control

Process will be a long year.

During this time, inexpensive technology to include and which machines listogiby will allow beginners and small companies to deploy and develop their

Production. For these machines do not need professionals with the necessary training, and the price of hydraulic presses small.

In addition, the high level of competition between manufacturers leads them to improve the quality of the press, while not raising prices.

Therefore, we can conclude that, based on hydraulic presses at least the next two decades, not give up their positions in the consumer market

Bending machines.

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